Top Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh


No. First hair are removed not in bunches but very carefully leaving one to three hair in between. Secondly because of the left stem cells 50 to 60 percent of them regrow back and the donor area looks quite good just after two weeks.

At our centre we put counted and sorted out 300 Grafts in one Petri Dish(Tray). So anyone can count 300 Grafts and multiply by the number of trays lying in the Refrigerator to get to know the total number of extracted grafts.

We can’t say about other centre’s but at our centre we claim a totally pain free procedure with our own devised and patented techniques.

God has made every human being in different way. But normally people with good will power are able to resume their activities in one to two days.

Swelling comes after one to two days of transplant but goes off in about two days. People usually carry on with their normal routines by wearing dark glasses for about four days after transplant.

One may have mild itching, headache and numbness which subsides soon after sometime

No not at all. We allow loose cap, bandana or headgear from the next day onwards. Our patients start taking regular baths from next day onwards. We encourage people to resume their activities like gymming, walking and traveling as soon as possible. We don’t let people bother about sweating dust and sun because they will be bathing daily. We let people lead their normal natural lives and there are no do’s and don’t in this centre. And this is because we are confident about our results.

Normally new hair start spouting after four months and then they take two to four months to grow and one starts looking good after six months.

Usually it takes one to two days.

Yes one can dye every week or as frequently as one desires.