Do transplanted Hair need some extra care?

No extra care is required. One can comb and oil them as usual. Transplanted hair are like your own natural hair and can be grown as long as one wants. One doesn’t have to bother about sunlight,dust or sweating.

Swimming should be done while wearing a head cap because of high chlorine content.

Extreme temperatures during steam and sauna bath should be avoided. Hair Drier should also be
avoided. Hair straightening also damages the hair.

Minoxidil After Hair Transplant

Usually 5 percent Minoxidil is prescribed at most of the centres in India for almost one year. We have seen over the years that people who use it have their hair thickness improved by about 5 to 10 percent. Minoxidil increases the local blood supply of the skin thereby supplying more nutrition to the roots. The maintenance dose of Minoxidil is once or twice a week after one year. In our practice we have also seen that 10 to 15 percent people are allergic to it and they develop frequent itching redness and swelling. In such cases we advise them to not to use.

Does DANDRUFF result in hair loss?

No it doesn’t . The simple logic is that dandruff occurs all over the head but we loose hair mainly from TOP of the head. Then why is it that we don’t loose hair from the back and sides? But still it has to be and should be treated with any Antidandruff shampoo.

What is body hair transplant ?

In some cases where the donor area is not sufficient in the head and the person wants full coverage,body hair are used.

Shadow area of the beard has very goog quality hairs and those are very strong and grow extremely well. But a very rare complication is scarring or KELOID formation. So all these aspects are conveyed to the client before transplant.

But in extreme cases of baldness it’s worth taking the risk because KELOID formation occurs in less then one percent of the cases.

Pubic hair also grow reasonably well and are used very often. Chest hair are only used if those of exceptionally good quality otherwise those are not very successful.

Hair from arms legs and armpits are rarely used as those are of not good quality

Which is the most common complication after hair transplant ?

Swelling around the eyes and forehead is very common after transplant. It occurs after second day and
goes off after about two days. It occurs because normal saline is injected in the forehead area during the
procedure to save the underlying nerves and vessels, And it’s that normal saline which gravitates down
and settles around the eyes and forehead. If one wears a Head Band or a Sports Band around the
forehead it’s greatly reduced.

Precautions before Hair Transplant

It’s always better to avoid Alcohol one day before transplant because it interferes with the effect of Anaesthesia.
Don’t Shave off your head and always go with good length hair because in a shaved head it’s very difficult to make correct assessment.
It’s better to wash your hair with shampoo on the day of transplant to clean your scalp.
If you have white hair then it’s better to dye them on the day of surgery.
No need to come empty stomach for the treatment.

Hair Transplants – What is the Ideal Age for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transplants

If you’ve suffered from hair loss you’re probably look not good. you have tried all the lotions and potions and and who knows maybe you’ve had some success.


You might have grownup some hair back or stopped the remainder from detachment. the matter is that none of those topical (you rub into your head) treatments or pill primarily based treatments will extremely cure the matter of intensive loss. The main solution is hair transplant surgery – the only permanent answer.


Now here’s the thing. A lot of men tend to lose hair through male pattern baldness pretty early on in life. For some guys it can be as young as 16 or 17. This can devastate your early years – it had a very deep effect on you until you were about 24 so you totally get where the stress of hair loss comes from and what it feels like. For some men hair loss happens much later in life – not until their 30s or 40s.


A balding or receding hairline can occur at any stage of life, generally affecting males around the age of 33 to 35 ages. However, most men start to notice a receding hairline in their early 20’s and this has caused an increase in young men looking at FUE hair transplants as a solution.


Losing your hair can have a negative impact on your self confidence and life,. Over 50% of men age group 22 to 35 believes that their hair is receding, and almost 40% of young men stated they would consider a hair transplant.


So what is the ideal age for a hair surgery? The honest answer is there isn’t one. Ideally nobody would be having cosmetic surgery under the age of 21. For most men your actual final hair loss pattern probably won’t be established for a few years after you begin losing your hair. So what you need to consider here is not necessarily your age – it’s how advanced your hair loss is.


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