Do transplanted Hair need some extra care?

No extra care is required. One can comb and oil them as usual. Transplanted hair are like your own natural hair and can be grown as long as one wants. One doesn’t have to bother about sunlight,dust or sweating.

Swimming should be done while wearing a head cap because of high chlorine content.

Extreme temperatures during steam and sauna bath should be avoided. Hair Drier should also be
avoided. Hair straightening also damages the hair.

Minoxidil After Hair Transplant

Usually 5 percent Minoxidil is prescribed at most of the centres in India for almost one year. We have seen over the years that people who use it have their hair thickness improved by about 5 to 10 percent. Minoxidil increases the local blood supply of the skin thereby supplying more nutrition to the roots. The maintenance dose of Minoxidil is once or twice a week after one year. In our practice we have also seen that 10 to 15 percent people are allergic to it and they develop frequent itching redness and swelling. In such cases we advise them to not to use.

Does DANDRUFF result in hair loss?

No it doesn’t . The simple logic is that dandruff occurs all over the head but we loose hair mainly from TOP of the head. Then why is it that we don’t loose hair from the back and sides? But still it has to be and should be treated with any Antidandruff shampoo.

Which is the most common complication after hair transplant ?

Swelling around the eyes and forehead is very common after transplant. It occurs after second day and
goes off after about two days. It occurs because normal saline is injected in the forehead area during the
procedure to save the underlying nerves and vessels, And it’s that normal saline which gravitates down
and settles around the eyes and forehead. If one wears a Head Band or a Sports Band around the
forehead it’s greatly reduced.

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What is FUE ?

It means Follicular Unit Extraction method. Hairs grow in groups of two to four and each group is called a Follicular Unit. When the whole group is extracted with automated punches it is called FUE technique. It is a landmark


  • There are no scars and stitches in the donor area.
  • Number of extracted grafts is much more leading to a much better coverage, density and overall look.
  • FUT is painful because of the skin cutting involved and stitching of the wound.
  • Graft Transection(cutting of the follicles) is more with FUT and it leads to unnecessary hair wastage in the precious donor area.
  • Wounds with FUE are almost minimal and they heal in less than one day. With FUE wound healing and stitch removal takes 7 to 10 days.


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